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What kind of cases are available for the Fairphone 2?

For the Fairphone 2, we offer regular and slim back cover designs. Both are an integral part of the phone. This means that when you order a Fairphone*, the cover is included. It is also possible to order a separate cover in our webshop if you want to change the look and feel of your device. 

Regular back cover

The regular back cover is available in two colors in our webshop: transparent and black matte. The rigid material of the colored back is polycarbonate (PC); the flexible rim is consists of thermopolyurethane (TPU). This design is robust, affordable and easy to remove.

Dimensions (phone + case): Length: 143 mm // Width: 73 mm // Thickness: 11 mm


  • Transparent
  • Black matte

Slim back cover

The new slim case design is available in four colors in our webshop: coral red with blue buttons, turquoise with blue buttons, white with black buttons and indigo with black buttons (indigo coming soon). All colors have a rigid black rim that surrounds the phone’s display. This design (made of 50% post consumer recycled polycarbonate (PC) is protective, and quick and easy to remove. The smooth, stylish and thin cover in a range of colors makes it easy to find a cover that matches your personality. The cases are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Dimensions (phone + case): Length: 144.5 mm // Width: 74.5 mm // Thickness: 10.65 mm


  • Coral red (+ blue side keys) Pantone warm red C (RGB 249 66 58) (Hex#F9423A)
  • Turquoise (+ blue side keys) Pantone 632C (RGB 0, 147, 178) (Hex#0093b2)
  • Indigo (+ black side keys) Pantone 2758C (RGB 0, 30, 98)(Hex#001e62)
  • White (+ black side keys) 

Please note: the 3D printed back covers are NOT available for the Fairphone 2. The 3D printed back covers are designed for the dimensions of the Fairphone 1 and Fairphone 1U.

*The FP2 with regular and slim covers are available in pre-sale

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