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How do I use a Fairphone gift card?

To redeem a given card, you first have to activate the code. You have 36 months after issue of the card to activate the code. When you have a Fairphone account, you can log in. In My Account > Gift cards and accounts, you can then enter the code given in the mail sent to you. If you can not see it, enable Images to show in your email client.

If you do not have a Fairphone account yet, simply go to the webshop to order.
At checkout, you can enter the code when you have purchased an item when you accept the Terms and Conditions.

When you log in to your account, you can view your gift card balance in your cart. The gift card has an expiration date of three years counting from the date of issue. When the gift card is added to your balance by redeeming, the funds will not expire.

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