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How can I swap my FP2 core module?

In order to exchange your core module for a new one, you’ll need to disassemble your Fairphone. In case of an in warranty swap, you’ll need to contact us first.

Our partners iFixit have published a teardown of the Fairphone 2. This can help you in identifying the different modules and how the disassembly is done. Please note that they also disassemble the modules themselves, which is not necessary and not recommended for swapping any module. So you do not proceed further than step 7, or the warranty on the modules shall be voided.
iFixit also offers guides for each separate module:

The only tool you shall need is a Philips #0 screwdriver.

Disassemble the modules
Check out our video tutorial to see a demonstration on how to replace a module. Disassemble your Fairphone 2 and reassemble with the new core module.

Or - only when it is an in warranty case and we requested it - put the other modules in a safe place and send us your core module.


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