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I haven't received my 3D case for my Fairphone 1(U)

When you want to have a 3D printed case for your Fairphone 1(U), you can purchase a voucher for this in our webshop. 

With this voucher, you can then go to the website of 3D hubs to find a 3D printer near you with the colors available of your choice. Then you place an order with them, using the voucher so they can print the case for you. When it is finished, you can visit the 3D print shop to pick up your 3D printed case yourself.

We have an extensive explanation about how this works.

Do note that not all print shops offer the possibility to send the case (at extra costs) to you if you are not able to pick it up.

Reminder: The 3D printed case is compatible ONLY with Fairphone 1(U), not with the Fairphone 2, which has an integrated protective case.


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