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What certifications does Fairphone have?

Fairphone has a number of certifications for social responsibility and environmental performance, and has also received positive rankings from a range of independent third parties. In the past, we have been hesitant to pursue certifications, believing that they can cause confusion or oversimplify complicated issues (you can read more about our views in blog posts by Raluca and Miquel). However, we have also come to recognize the value of specific certifications in influencing industry-wide progress and consumer behavior. Below is an overview of Fairphone’s certifications, labels and rankings:

Company-level certifications
Fairphone is a certified B Corporation. This certification recognizes for-profit organizations that meet a high standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The ‘B’ in B Corp stands for ‘benefit’. You can compare it to a Fairtrade or organic certification, but for an entire organization, as opposed to a single product.

Product-level certifications
The Fairphone 2 was awarded the Blue Angel certification - the world’s oldest ecolabel -, overseen by the German Federal Ministry of Environment. The Fairphone 2 is the first ever mobile phone to receive this recognition. This certification is well-known among German-speaking consumers, and highlights Fairphone’s efforts to aspire to better environmental standards, including:

  • Low electromagnetic radiation
  • Product lifetime extension
  • Active promotion of take-back programs and recyclable design

The Fairphone 2 also supports sourcing of Fairtrade-certified gold. Please note: The Fairtrade certification ONLY applies to this individual mineral, not the entire phone. A Fairtrade certification for complex products like smartphones does not yet exist.

Finally, while not a certification, our recent LCA assessment - completed by the Fraunhofer Institute - offers additional insight into the environmental footprint of the Fairphone 2.

Regulatory compliance
The Fairphone 2 complies with all the the health and safety regulations and directives required by the EU, which cover the use of hazardous substances, safe recycling, take-back schemes and more. This includes the RoHS directive (2011/65/EU), REACH, WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU), Battery Directive (2006/66/EC) and R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC). View our FP2 Health and Safety document for more information.

Third-party rankings
In addition to the certifications mentioned above, the Fairphone 2 has received positive rankings from a number of independent organizations, including:

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