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Is the Fairphone 2 upgradable?

Concerning the upgradability of the phone, so far our main focus has been on increasing the life cycle of the phone through durability and reparability, not on upgradeability.

However, we incorporated elements that enable upgrades and expansion without having to change the entire hardware. First, we included an expansion port in the back of the transceiver. This expansion port gives us the option to build alternative back covers with integrated additional functionality. In addition, all of the individual units can be replaced by ones with different functionality or properties, provided that they fit within the mechanical envelope of the original unit, and can use the defined electrical interfaces.

We’re looking into continuously improving the device doing incremental upgrades so that the product lives longer in the market commercially. As the first step, we are going to refresh the camera module as it’s one of the most utilised features of the phone.

We could also redesign some of the units to eliminate certain functionality while expanding other capabilities. We can also use future components to replace the original ones, in order to keep providing repair units long after the design of the original one. The possibilities are quite broad and we are definitely going to explore them. Have a look at the technical specs of the Fairphone 2 in any case!

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