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Can I still buy Fairphone 1? What about support for Fairphone 1?

Unfortunately we do not sell the Fairphone 1 anymore. We are sold out and do not provide a platform ourselves for second-hand Fairphone 1.
You can try local second hand markets like Marktplaats (NL), Le Bon Coin (FR), Fairmondo (DE), or E-Bay. Also there is a community-driven second hand marketplace on our forum.

Do make sure to check the serial number or IMEI numbers of a prospective phone before you buy it with us to make sure it isn't stolen.

We understand the sale of Fairphone 2 raises concerns regarding the continuation of support for Fairphone 1. Don’t worry, the fact we are releasing a new phone does not mean we are going to stop supporting the Fairphone 1. After all, Fairphone 1 owners made this movement possible!

We have continued to release software updates for as long as Google released security updates for Jellybean 4.2.2., the current operating system of Fairphone 1. Unfortunately Google has stopped doing so, therefore we won't be releasing updates for Jellybean anymore.

Once we upgrade our Fairphone 1 operating system to KitKat 4.4.4, we will continue releasing software updates for this operating system as long as Google supplies them. 

To read more on this subject, check out this blog on our approach on long-term software support for Fairphone 1. In addition, we will continue repairing the Fairphone 1 as long as spare parts are available. We encourage you to keep using your Fairphone 1(U) as long as possible and we will do the best we can to help you with that!

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