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Why is the Fairphone 2 'fairer' than the Fairphone 1?

Thanks to the 60,000 people who purchased the first Fairphone, we were able to start making an impact on the entire electronics value chain in mining, manufacturing, design and life cycle. This support also gave us the financial foundation we needed to take our ambitions for fairness even further. In 2014, we decided to invest in a completely original design for our new phone, with a specific focus on increasing product longevity and supply chain transparency.

The Fairphone 2’s modular architecture gives users more control over their phone, including the ability to easily open and replace the parts more prone to failures and accidents. To help it last longer, the phone also features high-quality components and innovations like a back cover with integrated protection so that users don’t require an additional case.

This design approach gives us the ability to increase our influence on our own supply chain. We can have greater oversight of production processes, more control over the materials used, and the ability to build stronger relationships with (sub)suppliers to implement social programs and improve working conditions.

Finally, producing the Fairphone 2 allows us to take another step in developing the projects we started with the first phone, including incorporating conflict-free minerals (gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin) and financing a worker-controlled welfare fund at our manufacturer, as well as contributing to a variety of new projects throughout the value chain.

To learn more, you can also read our blog posts about our approach to developing the Fairphone 2, how our ambitions were translated into the phone's design, which improvements we could realise in the produced Fairphone 2 and the Life Cycle Assessment of the Fairphone 2.



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