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How many Fairphone 2 devices will be sold and produced?

Our plan is to produce a total of 140,000 phones in 2016. While this is our current outlook, plans could change depending on production.

There are a number of reasons why we are aiming for this specific volume. For one, we want to sell a quantity that can create a serious market for ethical products. We as a company, as well as consumers in our community, can have a larger impact by showing that there is a growing market for products like ours. A larger volume opens more doors for us in our choice of partners and suppliers, so that we are taken seriously as a client asking for a sufficient volume, which in turn gives us more leverage in the industry.

These various impact and business aspects led us to the decision to plan for a volume of around 140,000 phones in 2016.

But if the demand is there, why not produce even more phones? From the beginning, our growth strategy was not about selling as many phones as possible. As we’re working to create a fairer supply chain, we see our phone as a means to an end and it’s important to balance the mission of our business with our operational capabilities.

And at the end of the day, as a social enterprise, we want to create cash flow to finance great stuff like investing in our social and environmental impact programs.

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