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Troubles with FP1(U) battery - it seems to be swelling

If your Fairphone battery has expanded in size, causing the back cover to pop off or not sit flat, it’s possible that your battery has bloated.

Although there is an inbuilt mechanism to prevent pressure building up inside as much as possible, it can not stop the bloating process once it has started. Once the bloating occurs, the pressurised gases might be dangerous and we recommend you proceed with caution.

If you identify a bloated battery, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Immediately turn off your device and remove the battery from your Fairphone.
  2. Check if the battery appears bloated in size and too big to fit within the battery compartment.

If you have a FP1 (Fairphone 1 first batch):

Since the manufacturing warranty of the FP1 has expired (2 years after delivery), you can purchase a new battery in our webshop.
It might be that you need to register again as we changed webshops in the meantime and could not migrate all data from the old to the new system. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.

If you have a FP1U (second batch):

  1. Contact our Support Team with the subject line “Bloated battery” and we will make your issue a priority. Our support team will inquire if you have a FP1 or a FP1U.
  2. Provide the serial number of the battery (14 digits, located below the barcode on the back of your battery) and the serial number of your Fairphone (located inside your Fairphone behind the battery).
  3. We will require you to fill in a inquiry where you can add a photo of the bloated battery. We will send you the link after you contact us, but please inform us immediately after the inquiry is completed.
  4. We will begin the battery replacement procedure for you as soon as possible.

Note: Do not ship your bloated battery to us, as it is considered a dangerous good by the shipping agencies. Please safely discard the battery at your local recycling point.

This issue is not specific to Fairphone. Unfortunately, swollen batteries can occur within any electronic device containing a lithium battery. Nevertheless, our product department is collecting as much information as possible about Fairphone bloated batteries to analyse potential causes and/or solutions.

So far, we’re aware that bloated batteries can be caused by leaving your Fairphone in humid environments and/or frequently dropping your Fairphone. Please avoid subjecting your Fairphone to such conditions.

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