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Find your Fairphone 1 in case of loss or theft

We hope your Fairphone 1U never gets lost or stolen, but it’s important to take extra security measures just in case. Android offers special security options to help you lock and locate your phone in the event that it ends up in the wrong hands.

If your Fairphone 1(U) were to be lost or stolen, you can:

  • Contact us so we can register it in our stolen phone list, which is the best we can do now.
  • We are unable to track your phone, that is something maybe the police can do. For tracking, tracing and (b)locking your phone yourself there are apps, devices and settings available but you had to install and activate them yourself in advance.
  • In any case, we urge you to file a police report, preferably with your Fairphone's data that you can find on the bottom of the original white box and in your personal space on our webshop.
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