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My Fairphone is broken. Can you repair it?

If there's something wrong with your Fairphone and you can't find any solution either in the user manual, on the forum or tutorials, please check our support website for updates or other possible solutions in the "Troubleshooting" sections. If that doesn't help, contact us right away, so we can help you fix it.

Option 1: To the Service Center
You can contact support via the Ask Support page. Make sure to select the "I experience a problem / My product is broken" category from the pull down menu.

Please get in touch with us as soon as you can after discovery of the problem. The longer you wait to return it, the harder it may become to discover the cause. We also want to ask you to not ship your phone to us without consulting us first. In order to be able to manage our repairs, we need to stick to the process and procedures that we have set up!


The Service Center is our partner well-experienced in the phone repair industry. Their experts assess the damage and and will repair your Fairphone.

Option 2: Do It Yourself (DIY) with the help of iFixit tutorials

If your phone is damaged out of warranty (for example, by dropping it or with water damage) you can also opt for a Do It Yourself repair.

It's possible to buy spare parts and modules in our webshop, so you can repair it yourself if you want to! Please make sure to distinguish Fairphone 1(U) and Fairphone 2 products. Then you can repair the phone yourself (or by an experienced helper).

Our partner / third-party iFixit has the following tutorials available which guide you to the repair process:

Fairphone 1(U) as well as for Fairphone 2.


Please check our full warranty statement.


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