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Which operator or telephone provider should I choose? Can I use my current mobile voice/data?

We recommend that you pick whichever one best fits you! Because you’ve paid for the phone upfront, many providers offer attractive (read: cheaper or short-term) SIM-only plans. And if you’re on the road a lot, you may wish to use the dual SIM for a prepaid plan in the country you visit most often.
Before you sign any contracts, you might want to review which mobile network bands and frequencies will support the phone. See this site.
If you want to keep on using your current provider, assuming your current contract covers all your calling and data needs, you should be able to simply remove your SIM card from your current phone and insert it in your Fairphone. Please note that the Fairphone uses a mini SIM format. If you have a micro or nano SIM card you can buy a SIM adaptor from our web shop or in any electronics store.
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