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How to get my Fairphone 1(U) 3D Case voucher?

Reminder: The 3D printed case is compatible ONLY with Fairphone 1(U), not with the Fairphone 2, which has an integrated protective case.

Invoice email portal to 3D Hubs website

As soon as your payment is completed you will receive an email with your Invoice as PDF. This mail provides your entrance to the 3D Hubs ordering process via the CLICK HERE image. Please read the text in this image carefully before clicking on it.  If you do not see this image make sure that your mail program is not blocking images!


Enter the 3D Hubs website and selecting a printer

After clicking on this image you will be directed to the 3D Hubs website. In the URL you can see your order number, which is a 6-digit number.

If you are new to 3D Hubs make a new account by either joining with Facebook or register through email. If you already have a 3D Hubs account you can login with your username and password, or login with your Facebook log in. After login you are directed to the order of your 3D case. Here you can choose the 3D hub (a local printer) and color you want to use.

You can see the resolution the printer can print your 3D case in. Also be sure to choose the preferred color (if you have two or more cases after you placed the order you can ask the 3D Hub if it is possible to print the case in different colors).

After selecting the hub you can submit your request (this is the real deal, after this you have placed your order with the 3D printer) and get in contact with the printer. For example you can request if the printer can make each ordered 3D case in a different color.


What if I need extra help or when I have remaining questions? 

Now your order is placed you will get your own support contact from 3D Hubs who you can always contact if something goes wrong.

And it is possible to contact the printer to communicate about your order. The printer anc 3D Hubs support can tell you everything about the following process, so if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact them about this.


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