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How to charge your phone and use your battery (Video Tutorial)

Your Fairphone comes with a 3.7 V lithium-ion battery. It’s removable and replaceable – open the back of your phone and have a look.

Unless you ordered it separately, the power adapter and a USB cable are not included. You’ve probably already got one in a drawer; if not, buy one in our online shop or find one at your local electronics store.

You can connect the cable to your Fairphone with a standard USB (micro B) connector. This format is commonly used for phones, navigation systems and certain cameras. You should use a charger with a nominal output of 5 Volts and 1 Ampere (or 1000 mA). Chargers with a USB port will normally meet these specifications.You can charge your phone either by connecting your data cable to your computer’s USB port, or by plugging a dedicated charger into a power outlet.

To reduce the risk of fire or burns, do not attempt to open, disassemble or service this battery. Do not crush, puncture or short external contacts. Do not expose it to fire, water, or temperatures above 60° C. When it’s time to replace your battery, please recycle it properly! If you need a replacement battery, we’ll start selling them in our web shop shortly after the first batch of Fairphones is delivered.

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