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What headphones are compatible with Fairphone 1?

In short:

You can use any headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. For the techies: that's TRRS (stereo-plus-mic) with OMTP and CTIA/AHJ.

A bit longer explanation:

First of all, Fairphone did not produce a headset for our device.

All regular music headsets with an 3.5mm audio-jack should work with the Fairphone 1 for media playing. An audio-jack is the end connection of the cable.

If you want to buy headsets with a controller on the cable it’s more difficult. There are many different headsets available in the market. Most headsets have a 3.5 mm audiojack; the difference lies mainly in the audio­jack itself. The connection has a couple of rings (3 or 4) and the way the headset functions depends totally on this configuration. The manufacturers have pre­installed the hardware settings through these stripes.

To clarify: for our phone that is TRRS (stereo-­plus-­mic) with OMTP and CTIA/AHJ. We’ve tested a couple headsets (including mic and remote control function) of other brands. Both headsets contain a remote control panel in the cable with 3 buttons on it.

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