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How to perform a Hard Reset on my Fairphone 1

By doing a "hard reset" of your Fairphone 1, you are reverting it to factory settings. Thus, you should be very certain you want to erase all the data, files, and so on from your phone before you follow these instructions. We recommend performing a backup before starting the hard reset procedure.

Step 1: Preparation
Please note: this step is only necessary for FP1 users, if you own a FP1U (released mid-2014), you can go straight to step 2.

Go to System Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory Data Reset -> scroll down and select "Erase Phone Storage" -> press the "Reset phone" button. Your Fairphone will restart itself and erase all content. After this is finished, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Performing the Hard Reset

  • Battery should be well-charged (at least 80%), and remove any cables connected to the phone
  • Turn your phone OFF
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Power button combined until you see the green Android robot on the screen (if you see white text instead - select Recovery Mode from the list - this will bring you to the green robot)
  • Press the ON/OFF button shortly and the "Android System Recovery" screen with orange text will appear
  • Use the Volume Down button to scroll down in this menu and select "Wipe data/factory reset"
  • Confirm with the Volume Up button 
  • With the Volume Down button you can scroll down and select "Yes - delete all user data"
  • Confirm with the Volume Up button
  • You will return in the "Android system recovery" menu
  • With the Volume Down button scroll down and select "Wipe cache partition"
  • Confirm with the Volume Up button
  • You will return in the "Android system recovery" menu
  • Select "Reboot system now"
  • Confirm with the Volume Up button
  • Now your Fairphone will boot up normally

Please note: by performing the above procedures, all your data on the Fairphone will be erased. We recommend making a backup before you start with this process. When you finish performing the hard reset, you'll have to set up the phone again from the beginning.

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