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My GPS is not working

GPS stands for Global Positioning System – a satellite-based navigation system that provides location information. GPS is available worldwide, unless you happen to live near someone that’s trying to jam the signals!

To optimize the location capability of your phone, A-GPS is a common feature in mobile phones. It supports the regular GPS system by using additional network resources to strengthen the connection in areas where the GPS signal is weak. This service may cause your phone to use more data than usual. 
Nevertheless, it is crucial that you activate EPO (AND also the option "Auto Download" in the EPO options) at least once so that the satellite almanac updates. EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit), is an additional GPS feature that downloads a file to help the device locate GPS satellites quicker and reduce the time to fix a connection. Please activate this option at least once to let your phone update.
So, there are also a couple of things you can do to try and improve your GPS signals yourself:

  • Activate A-GPS and EPO
You can activate A-GPS and EPO here:
- Settings -> Location access -> GPS satellites (tick the text) -> Check A-GPS and GPS EPO assistance

  • Download the newest EPO files
You can download EPO files here:
- Settings -> Location access -> GPS satellites (tick the text) -> EPO settings -> download
These downloads tend to fail a lot keep trying a couple of times and if it still won't work then try at a later time.

  • Set NTP server
In order to sync quickly to the satellites, you should always connect to your nearest NTP server. You can do this yourself by editing gps.conf in system/etc, but I recommend:
Download FasterGPS, grant superuser access, and set your region and country after this correct files will be written and should help get GPS connection faster.

For more technical information you might want to read this page that has some useful guides.
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