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Fairphone 1 battery & charger Information


The battery is already included with your Fairphone 1. But this battery was made specifically for the Fairphone 1 as is normally the case with phone batteries. So if you need to order a replacement battery or you just want an extra one as a backup, you’ll need to order it directly from our webshop.

How is the battery performance?

We have a report from a third-party organization that performed a test of the Fairphone 1 battery.

The tests performed by 7Layers in Germany show quite a good performance of our battery. For the techies, the tests done were according to the GCF (Global Certification Forum) Performance Criteria.

You can read the full report (attached on this page) or have a look at the summary table we have extracted for you. You should pay particular attention to the column "Result [h]" where "h" means "hours in operation".

See the full report attached at the end of this page.


The Fairphone 1 uses a standard microUSB type B charger with a nominal output of 5 Volts and 1 Ampere (or 1000 mA). Chargers with a USB port will normally meet these specifications. You can charge your phone either by connecting your data cable to your computer’s USB port, or by plugging a dedicated charger into a power outlet.

If you use an older charger for example a charger with an output of 5 Volts and 0.7 Ampere (or 700mA) your Fairphone will charge; it would only take longer to fully charge your phone.

Be aware: you have to connect your charger in the right way. If you connect it wrong/with too much pressure your can damage the connector.

If you experience any problems with charging your Fairphone 1, we recommend you to get a new charger and cable. Preferably made by an A-brand manufacturer.

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