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How much tax is applied to Fairphone purchases?

Since we sell Fairphone products throughout Europe different tax rates are applicable. This makes it difficult for us to offer a standard price. We would like to explain how the tax rates work. 

Basically, because we’re a Dutch company, our products are taxed at the Dutch rate of 21%. But there are exceptions – for example, if you come from a country where this type of tax is waived (Switzerland or Norway) or if we’ve reached your country’s sales threshold. 

In case of the latter, the tax shifts to the other country’s tax rate once a certain number of products have been sold in that country.

It’s not our intention to create different tax rates for different people, but tax rates differ between governments within the EU. This means that despite our efforts, people will indeed pay different rates depending on which country they are ordering from.

Please note that different tax rates as well as shipping and accessories will determine the final cost when you check out in the web shop. You can have a clear and detailed example of this situation in this article: What is the retail price of Fairphone 2?

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