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How can I transfer my data from a FP1 to a FP2?

There are several ways to transfer  your data and settings from a Fairphone 1 to a Fairphone 2. Our dedicated community members share two favorite options with you here.

Migrate your data with GCloud Backup app

A simple way to transfer most data and keep your data backed up continually, is by using the GCloud Backup App. Install it on your old phone first. Then, once it has completed the backup, install it on the new phone. Confirm that you want the app to restore the data to your new phone.
The free version provides enough storage for call logs, text messages, contacts and some photos.

Migrate your data with MyPhoneExplorer (MPE)

MyPhoneExplorer, developed by the Austrian FJ Software, is a free (donation paid) program to backup your personal data (contacts, calendars, notes, call logs, SMS), files and apps (only the apk files) on the PC (with MS Windows or Linux).
As this tool has several purposes, one of them is to easily transfer the data from one Android phone to another via your Windows or Linux PC. This way you can avoid using Google services if you want to. You can connect via Bluetooth, USB cable and WiFi.

Installation of MyPhoneExplorer:

Connection with MyPhone Explorer
First, please read and follow the instructions on the MyPhoneExplorers's forum. Then connect via one of the three possibilities: Bluetooth, USB cable or WiFi.

Via Bluetooth

  • Enable bluetooth on your phone and on your PC - make sure that both devices are visible
  • Pair them
  • Start MyPhoneExplorer on your PC
  • Select: File-->Settings-->connect via...--> Bluetooth
  • Go to: File-->Connect

Via USB cable

  • On your phone:
    • Enable the developer options (Settings-->About-->Tap 7 times on the build number)
    • Enable USB debugging
  • On your Windows PC:
    • Download the latest universal ADB driver. You can get one here or here
  • Connect your phone with the USB cable to the PC (use an USB 2.0 and NOT an USB 3.0 port) . 
  • The USB option to select on your FP1 is: "USB storage". On the FP2 you have to uncheck all USB options ("connected as an installer")
  • Install the ADB driver on your PC
  • Reboot your PC
  • Start MyPhoneExplorer on your PC
  • Select: File-->Settings-->connect via...--> USB cable
  • Go to: File-->Connect

Via WiFi

  • Connect your phone and your PC to the same network
  • Start the the app MyPhoneExplorer Client on your phone
  • Start MyPhoneExplorer on your PC
  • Select: File-->Settings-->connect via...-->WiFi
  • Go to: File-->Connect
  • MPE might ask for a PIN. You will find it in the MyPhoneExplorer Client window on your phone

Transfer  your data from FP1 (or another Android phone) to FP2

  • Connect the FP1 via Bluetooth, USB (select "USB storage") or WiFi. If it doesn't connect automatically, go to File-->Connect 
  • Then go to Extras-->Create Backup 

In the Backup Wizard you can choose the data and the files you want to transfer. Note: If you choose "applications", please be aware that only the apk files (installer packages) will be saved. So this option only makes sense if you have apps that you didn't install through the Google Play Store or if you don't want to use the Play Store anymore.

  • When the backup is done, disconnect your FP1 (File-->Disconnect)
  • Then connect the FP2 via Bluetooth, USB (uncheck all USB options) or WiFi
  • Go to Extras-->Restore Backup and follow the instructions on the screen
  • An error message might pop up, but you can ignore it. Your data is being transferred now.

You’re done!

This article was partly made possible by input and efforts from our dedicated community members! Find out more about them via the forum!

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